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Your Talent Strategy

 How is your talent attraction strategy working to support your business vision, mission & goals?

  • Do you have roles left unfilled for long periods of time & what is that costing your organization?

  • Is your company's unique selling proposition communicated to the candidate community to engage the A-Players?

  • Is your interview process giving you an edge to win talent or are you losing great people to your competitors? 

  • Does your talent process ensure you minimize the chance of a mis-hire & how do mis-hires effect  your bottom line?

  • Should you invest in relocating a candidate to secure the talent needed for this open role and my business objectives?

  • How can you best utilize a Search Firm/Partner to maximize your success in recruiting and get a high ROI?

 If you are unsure your recruiting process is maximizing your chance to hire the best, Ryconn Group can help!

Contact us today to discuss your Talent Strategy & explore our Search Services along with our customized consulting.

Our Search Process

Once a client has selected us to conduct a search on their behalf, we follow a tried and true, proprietary search "attack plan" to deliver the available top performers, quickly, & whom posses the sincere motivation to join your team for the right reasons.

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