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Our Search Process

Once a client has selected us to conduct a search on their behalf, we follow a tried and true, proprietary search "attack plan" to quickly deliver the top performers & whom posses the sincere motivation to join your team for the right reasons.

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1. Discovery > Assessment > Strategy

In Phase 1, we learn about our clients goals for the search, how this role will  impact their overall business objectives & start formulating a search strategy to bring their vision into focus. 

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2. Identify > Plan > Target

In Phase 2, Ryconn Group builds out our search strategy, identifies possible candidates & prioritizes efforts to target strong prospective players. The good news is that because we have a very focused niche and are continually recruiting ahead of the play, many searches start with us already having relationships and knowledge of the A Players for your roles. 

3. Recruit > Attract > Match

In Phase 3, we use a systematic attack plan to make targeted & extensive outreach to catch the attention of prospective candidates, engage them in a discussion about your company/opportunity & determine if there is strong alignment that could lead to a Win-Win fit. While our recruiting ahead of the need and strong network often add speed to this process, we also grind out the cold calls, follow ups, and use creative approaches to reach the A-Players whom are often head down at their job, kicking butt for for their current company.

Together at the Top
4. Introduce > Interview > Secure & Start!

In Phase 4, we introduce the best matched, qualified, vetted candidates & closely assist both parties during the interview & offer process to help our clients & candidates alike Secure a strong fit that will lead to long term, highly productive relationship. Most importantly we stay closley in touch to and past the Start date!

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